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FAQ's and Forms

Online Marketing. Endorsed Horses. Consignment. Guided Buying Trips.


FAQ's and Forms

Q: What do I need to do to have Cascadia Sporthorses help me sell my horse?

A: Cascadia Sporthorses offers several options for marketing your horse. Check out our services then select from our programs. Have more questions? Contact us and we will happily guide you through the process.

Q:  What does Cascadia Sporthorses do? 

A: We connect people and horses.  Do you have a horse to sell? Looking for your next partner? Let the experienced professionals at Cascadia Sporthorses help you achieve your goals. Our main goal is to connect great horses with great people!

Q: What happens if I sell my horse through Cascadia Sporthorses and the buyer isn't happy?

A: Honesty is always the best policy! We require each seller listing a horse to submit a horse intake form with as much information as possible. Use extra pages if needed! We feel that when horses are honestly represented, buyers are rarely surprised or disappointed. There is no such thing as too much info! Our main goal at Cascadia Sporthorses is to connect great horses with great homes.  Our history of success is founded on honesty, transparency and accurate representation.  See a sampling of the quality horses we have sold as well as testimonials from buyers and sellers!

Q:  I ride with a great trainer but they're super busy showing.  Can you take me to see horses? If so, how does that work?  What does it cost?  What is included?

A:  Cascadia Sporthorses is a huge fan and supporter of  great trainers!  They work so hard, wear many hats and only want what is best for their clients. Our background is steeped in customer based training programs. We completely understand the hectic lifestyle of today's professionals.  If your trainer is busy showing or simply can't travel when you want to, we would be happy to take you on a guided buying tour to see and try numerous horses.  We will send information and videos ahead of time for trainer approval, video actual trials and pre-purchase exams and share those with your trainer as well.  Working without a trainer?  That is A-OK too!  Again, our main goal at Cascadia Sporthorses is to connect great horses with great homes! Prior to your trip we will negotiate specifications for your perfect match as well as commissions, day rates, accommodations and travel expenses.  We promise you'll have a great time!

Q: What territory do you cover? 

We cover the Great Northwest! Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming in the US and British Columbia and Alberta in Canada. Please note that all horses could be subject to State or Canadian Sales Tax.

Disclaimer:  We are an equine brokerage and marketing company.  We encourage honesty, transparency and accuracy in all transactions.  However, we are not in control of all of the horses listed on our site.  Buyer Beware!!! Seller Beware!!! Due diligence is prudent in all transactions!!!  If you are looking to sell a complicated, unsound or difficult horse, this is not the correct platform.  If you are a complicated, unsound or difficult human, this is not the correct platform.